Low Energy Desalination

Direct pulling of clean water from the sea, free of ionic impurities

High water absorption and low temperature of water released by the hydrogel enables direct pulling of clean water from the sea. Using floating prototypes, we have demonstrated a facile way of collecting clean water from the sea just by using natural sunlight. It is capable of harvesting up to 14L/day/kg of hydrogel and higher quantities are possible with improvement in surface area of the coating.

In addition, the harvested water is completely free from ionic impurities. This energy-less and membrane-less approach to desalination is expected to have great benefits and impact.

Low Energy Desalination Application
Low Energy Desalination Application 2

First technology to directly pull clean water from open water bodies and sea surface

Produces ultra-clean water free of ionic impurities

Solar energy driven water harvesting – No external energy input required