Self-Sustainable Dehumidification

To effectively remove moisture from enclosed spaces

Using a novel twin-layer coating consisting of the hydrogel and a semiconductor, we developed a self-sustained dehumidification system which requires no electricity to operate. A semiconductor layer decomposes the absorbed moisture into hydrogen and oxygen in the presence of light. Indoor lighting sufficient for the catalytic reaction to persist. The Hydrogel does not reach saturation due to simultaneous absorption/desorption process.

This system can be presented through customizable shapes and sizes, and designed in the form of wall posters/wallpapers. The end product is an aesthetic dehumidifying solution with no movable/rotating components.

Watch the video below to find out more:

Self-sustainable dehumidification diagram

Self-sustainable dehumidification how it works


Static dehumidification system for maximizing thermal comfort at zero energy expense

Novel architecture integrating an effective dehumidifying hydrogel and a semi-conducting material for effective moisture break-down

Self-sustaining system: No regeneration required